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Writing With Direction.

Congratulations! You finally found your greatest asset.
My name is Divi and I help businesses and e-commerce websites make money. By thoroughly researching clients, my method guarantees attraction, profit, and conversion to high-quality traffic.

Fact: 40% of emails are abandoned after the first click
Fiction: You're in the 40%.

Email Marketing

After an initial consultation, I will send you a proposal including:
1. Your expectations of me and my expectations of you.
2. Your goals and how I can help you achieve them.
3. A digital mockup of several different draft emails for preview.
4. A start date.

So you have the customers but they won't stick around...
Here's our solution:


The problem with other copywriting agencies is that they don't understand the difference between writing and writing persuasively. They simply recycle the same copywriting framework over and over and over and...
WOAH! That's enough of that, enter Writeable:

We understand you have better things to be focusing on. Why not let us worry about the more clerical stuff?

Resume/CV Writing

It can be hard to pinpoint your strengths and make yourself look like the perfect candidate for every application.
Fortunately, I can take some of that stress off your plate.

Looking to branch outside your comfort zone?
Let's talk about:

Ad copy

My experience with B2B and B2C marketing will help your company position itself in a way that raises awareness, converts customers, and promotes loyalty within your brand. All while staying true to your personality.

Still on the fence?

Here's what others have to say:

"To be more presentable and appealing, I wanted my website to be properly edited by a professional. I was lucky enough to get in touch with Divi and get the job done. The outcome was excellent! I am complimented by clients about the content of the website which is simple and effective, exactly what I wanted. My utmost thanks to Divi for making it happen!" -Vikas S., Founder of Beacon Aero Support

“We were a little nervous about hiring an outsider because our brand has such a distinct voice, we didn’t want to compromise it on a gamble. Luckily, Divi was a perfect fit! She has a deep knowledge of the products and clients we have and her writing style is exactly what we look for. Within 10 days, there was a large increase in sales, website clicks, and likes on our Instagram profile. We fully endorse Writeable here at Cheerful Buddha!”
-Liz G., Marketing Manager at Cheerful Buddha

"As a brand development expert, I knew what I was doing when it came to attracting roles for my clients, but I could only do so much without an actual writer helping me with those higher-level clients. The team at Writeable was able to capture my visions for each model and translate that into written words. Grateful is an understatement!" -Carlin D., Model, Fashion Expert, and Talent Agent

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